Our flavours

This is what makes us unique, we allow you to customise the flavours you want. With all orders, we consult with you to find out what suits you and your event. Have a look below at some of the popsicle flavours we have created in the past. 


ANY FRUIT - if they are in season we can make a popsicle from them

Mango+lime* can be dusted with chilli

Pineapple + Mint - Sweet and citrusy

Raspberry - fresh raspberry 

Strawberry watermelon - fresh watermelon + wild strawberries

Lychee rose - lychee + rose water

Santorini sunset* - Fresh watermelon juiced + passionfruit cap

Coco for coconut - Coconut + dipped in coconut  + cacao nibs

Fruity mix - apple juice base + strawberries +pineapple + kiwi.

Vegan Pina colada - pineapple + coconut milk

Strawberry Mojito - strawberry + lime + mint

All fruit popsicles are dairy free, nut free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

All fruit popsicles can have fruit chunks added in.

*subject to season and availability



Mango sticky rice - Mango puree /w a coconut cream rice base

Isphan - Lychee rose cream + raspberry coulis

Maya - Avocado + dulce de leche +freeze dried raspberry

Popshop pink lemonade - blood orange, lemon, orange

Flower pop - Home made Lemonade w/ edible flowers

Vietnamese ice coffee - Vietnamese coffee + condensed milk + cream base

Milk tea - Roasted oolong + cream + tapioca pearls

Ube - With pandan infused coconut cream


Nutella - roasted hazelnut + chocolate

Cafe au lait- coffee + cream base

Mango lassi - mango puree + cardamom + yoghurt base

Matcha latte - Uji matcha + milk

Banana milkshake - banana with a creamy milkshake base.

Strawberries & cream - roasted strawberries with a burnt honey cream

Mango + pineapple - mango and pineapple chunks in a yoghurt base

Pina colada - pineapple and coconut

Roasted strawberry + honey yogurt

We love to innovate here a Popshop and our unique flavours reflect that passion.  

Please let us know if you have any allergies and we can create flavours that suit your needs.

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