Taste the difference

Pop Shop Sydney was born from a need to bring a unique touch to our huge and (very) regular family gatherings. Being from large, entertaining and very food-focused families, we continued to find that it was the same thing we were preparing for each event and it was getting a bit boring…


What better after a huge meal than a refreshing popsicle?! Our family and friends loved them so much, we felt everyone should have their share of the pop fun.


Here at Pop Shop Sydney, we specialise in customising bespoke popsicles in unique flavours, incorporating fusions from the world over. All of our popsicles are handcrafted in Sydney where we consider the beauty of the pop to be just as important to us as the flavour. After all, you eat first with your eyes.


Our Pops have been sighted at weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, restaurant collaborations as well as for corporate events in brand activation and launch parties.


At Pop Shop Sydney, we are always looking for inspiration and new flavours to wow your guests. Bring us your theme or event inspiration and we’ll get poppin’ on a new flavour combination for you.

Or take a wild card and leave it with us to create one of our signature popsicles like our crowd pleaser, lychee rose cream with raspberry coulis.


Check out our collaborations page to see some of the companies we’ve worked with in the past. All of our Popsicles can be made to be transported state and Nation-wide.

Emily & Alan

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